Take Advantage of Good Weather Somewhere Other Than Seattle

Who Should Take This Course?

Our instrument Ground School Course meets all FAA Requirements under FAR Part 61 and covers all technical subject material necessary to pass the instrument written exam.

About The Course

We have formatted the Instrument Ground School class to have a fast-track schedule without sacrificing learning retention. The course contains 36 hours of instruction and test preparation, spread over four days. It also covers all required test information and provides time for supplemental material which helps prepare our instrument students for practical training in the aircraft.

Our students find it most effective to digest the first weekend's classroom material, have a free weekend for personal projects, and then return to complete the last two days the following weekend. Formatting this four-day course with an extra week in the middle facilitates memory retention.

Best of all, with 36 hours of instruction, this is definitely NOT a test cramming course. On the contrary: you will receive an excellent preparation for a lifetime of safe instrument flying, and you'll receive tips not available elsewhere. We feel that this type of in-depth preparation is necessary for your safety, and we know that you'll agree with us the first time you make an IFR approach and the landing strip is where it is supposed to be.

The majority of our students take and pass the written exam with a high average score. You can too!

Exam results are valid for 24 calendar months.


The course fee is $450.00. This fee includes text, computerized testing supplement, charts, approach plates, and airport facilities directory, and more.