Train The Next Generation of Great Pilots

Students will learn how to teach the following:

  • Basic attitude instruments
  • Integrated attitude instruments
  • Unusual attitude and partial panel
  • Position awareness
  • VOR navigation
  • ADF navigation
  • Holding procedures
  • Approaches
  • No-gyro procedures


Prospective students are encouraged to call to set up an individualized program.

Who Should Take This Course?

Earning your CFII (Certified Flight Instrument Instructor) rating gives you the ability to work with more advanced students and is viewed as a major step forward in the aviation world. You'll find this work challenging and interesting and the quality of instruction that you can offer will increase. Flight training employers and students will seek out your advanced skills over the average CFI.

About This Course

In this course, you will be working one-on-one with Spence Campbell, an instrument training expert with tens of thousands of hours of instrument flight and instrument training experience. He will be teaching you unique techniques for flying instruments and teaching instrument flight. You won't be able to find this type of training anywhere else.

What Are The Benefits?

The instructor has uncomplicated the techniques of instrument flight, and will show you how to pass these techniques on to your students. Since the flight simulator will be used extensively, you'll also benefit from learning to instruct on the simulator. The ability to instruct on a simulator will, in turn, give you access to a wider range of students and additional streams of income. Most importantly, you will be learning from one of the top instrument instructors in the nation and will feel very confident in your abilities to instruct students on instruments.


Due to the customized nature of this course, there is no set fee. After a free consultation, a course will be designed for you along with an estimate of fees.